Bush Telegraph - 2021-06-07


Demographics of Ma¯ ori Ward


May I utilise your pages to examine the processes leading up to and following a decision made by the Tararua District Council to introduce a Ma¯ ori Ward. From a ratepayer’s point of view it appears that the decision has become more important than the motion itself. The motion, now in the hands of the TDC Governance Manager, will now be formulated, consulted upon and approved. A brief description of what a Ma¯ ori Ward might mean has been given by the Deputy Mayor but this seems incomplete and a little after the fact. The chair of the meeting at which the decision was made listed three options; in favour of a Ma¯ ori Ward, deferment of a decision, and take no action. The second and third options were in fact eliminated by the decision to put the first motion to the meeting. The chair, knowing full well that they were in favour of the motion, introduced the motion. The sensitivities of when and how a chair moves and votes on motions was illustrated here. A motion coming from the floor would have done the job perfectly well. I look forward to learning about the demographics of a Ma¯ ori Ward system and how it will benefit both Ma¯ ori and the Tararua District.


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