Hauraki-Coromandel Post - 2021-07-22


Owner sought for turtle pendant lost 20 years ago


Elaine Fisher

John Mclean has never forgotten the tears of the little girl he met 20 years ago near his Tanners Point home, crying over the loss of a treasured turtle pendant. Which is why, when he found it a few weeks ago, buried in the dirt and grass near the top of a harbourside track, he knew exactly who it belonged to. Well almost. “I have no idea what her name is or where she lived. I’m not even sure how long ago it was that she lost it, but it must be at least 20 years, so she will be all grown up now,” says John, who would love nothing better than to return the pendant to its owner. “I clearly remember the day I met her. She was with her dad and was bawling her eyes out because she had lost the turtle pendant. They asked me to help look for it, but we didn’t find it.” John doesn’t know the significance of the pendant but feels it must have meant a lot to the child, who he thinks was around 8 or 9. “It could have been a gift from a grandparent or parent; something special, so I’d love her to have it back.” To be sure the pendant goes back to the right person, John didn’t want it photographed. “If the owner can describe it to me, they can have it.” John lives on the edge of the Tanners Point Reserve, in his distinctive pentagon-shaped home near a small headland popular with walkers for its views of Bowentown Entrance and fishers for its access to the channel below. He’s walked up and down the short beach track thousands of times and never noticed it until a few weeks ago. “I saw an odd shape just sticking out of the dirt, picked it up, polished it off and realised it was a turtle, which is when I remembered the little girl who lost it.”


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