Kapiti News - 2021-10-13




ACROSS 7 What garment consisting of a long piece of cloth is worn by men and women? (6) 8 Which 1988 film has Phil Collins playing a Great Train Robbery villain? (6) 10 What are the tiny air sacs of the lungs? (7) 11 Winston Churchill foresaw the horrendous massacres that ensued after independence was granted to which country? (5) 12 In communication, what complement dashes? (4) 13 What is a roughened rod on which knives are sharpened? (5) 17 Rome was built on how many hills? (5) 18 What type of fish is a Japanese koi? (4) 22 According to Oliver Herford, only the ___ die good (5) 23 Who (John ___) wrote Look Back in Anger? (7) 24 An increasingly common operation was named after which Roman general? (6) 25 Invented by Rudyard Kipling, which boy was raised by wolves in the forests of India? (6 on Hiroshima? (6,3) DOWN 1. In Scotland, what are Eigg, Muck and Rhum? (7) 2 A falling apple caused Isaac Newton to ponder on what? (7) 3 Which vegetable is an Allium cepa, a member of the lily family? (5) 4 Gin is flavoured with the berries of which shrub-like plant? (7) 5 What fasten a collar to a shirt? (5) 6 What word can be preceded by vanishing and ice? (5) 9 What was the codename for the first atomic bomb, dropped on Hiroshima? (6,3) 14 What was the nationality of saxophone inventor Adolphe Sax? (7) 15 What type of anchored balloon serves as an obstacle to low-flying aircraft? (7) 16 Who did Hamlet tell to get to a nunnery? (7) 19 The surname of which roughjustice- dealing JP in 1780s Virginia became part of the language? (5) 20 What drink made from sugar syrup sometimes contains alcohol or medicine? (5) 21 What is the male head of an abbey? (5)


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