Kapiti News - 2021-10-13


Life in Estonia, seen through Kiwi eyes


Baltic Island

Francie Durham, from Waikanae, has released a second book about her time living in Estonia. “In my first book Liivaaugu, A Kiwi House in a Viking Land, I wrote about the physical building of our house in Estonia, the problems my husband and I encountered and the people we met. The second book, Annals from a Baltic Island, is a continuation of that story but it also explores the differences between living in the New World and in the Old World, in a country which is relic of the Soviet era. “We embraced the Estonian wildlife, big (moose) and small (biting flies and mosquitoes). “We explored not just Estonia but also the Baltic neighbours. “It is a book about a lifestyle as well as about travel in an area that is less well-known to New Zealanders. “We became Estonian residents, drove a car with an Estonian licence plate, raised the Estonian flag on appropriate days and sampled the Estonian diet. “The book has been cobbled out of the diaries I kept and the newsletters I sent home regularly to family and friends. “It comes with coloured photographs and simple recipes.” Annals from a is available through Amazon.


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