Manawatu Guardian - 2021-11-25


Fly into Monarch for gentle ear care and sound advice


Ear wax is not ideal dinner time conversation but having it removed could mean you can hear what’s being said. Registered nurse Donna Isaacson started Monarch Ear Care in Palmerston North last May. She’s been providing ear health services for seven years. As patients relax in the adjustable dental chair, they can look at the TV to see inside their ears before and after treatment. Donna uses a suction machine to remove the wax — it’s safer and gentler on the ears than syringing. It’s a satisfying process: “It’s like they are wearing natural ear plugs. You take them out and they hear so much better.” She enjoys meeting new people and how they are a lot happier when they leave with improved hearing. Patients comment how friendly Donna is and how she makes them feel relaxed. Children can watch a movie on the TV while undergoing the treatment. Some people need their ears cleaned every six weeks, others every three, six or 12 months. Some never have a build up of wax and even a person’s ears can be different. It’s all about the shape and size of the ear canal. Everyone makes wax but in some people natural cleaning is not effective. Her oldest patient is 101 years old. Donna can also clean hearing aids — wax in the device’s tube can cause whistling and reduce their effectiveness. There’s plenty of off-street parking, the waiting room is filled with light and the treatment room spacious. Monarch Ear Care also provides onsite hearing tests for businesses and the Defence Force. Donna also has a postgraduate certificate in nursing and in 2015 became an audiologist’s assistant in amplification and diagnostics testing. i Monarch Ear Care is at 150 Grey St — look for the elephant with monarch butterfly ears. Ring 0800 557 757 for an appointment or book online at www.


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