Napier Courier - 2021-06-09




ARIES— March 21- April 20 This is a good time for local jaunts, especially those of an educational nature. This week has a nostalgic theme, perhaps promoted by a call from a long- ago friend. A platonic friendship is enhanced. TAURUS—April 21-May 22 Advice rendered to others works well for yourself - especially in the realms of romance and career. Festivities on the weekend can play havoc with your diet. There could be some good financial news by the end of the week. GEMINI—May 23-June 21 Communication is the week’s theme. Making requests are unusually simple, and email address problems are solved at last. Reading between fine lines is a must when dealing with matters legal or professional. CANCER— June 22- July 22 This is a fine week for shaping long- range plans and applying established rules to an all- new project. Aloof friends warm up somewhat, but don’t resort to pressure tactics in any relationship. LEO— July 23- August 22 An opportunity opens up for launching a long- lasting business or romantic relationship, but don’t mix work with pleasure. Adaption proves your most valuable keyword. Travel could offer funny surprises. VIRGO— August 23- September 22 This is the time for starting a diet or launching a large scale project. A loved one is unusually interested in your point of view, especially on matters of travel and children. LIBRA— September 23- October 22 You may find that this is the week for bartering items, exchanging ideas, sharing commitments. Financial pressures ease after the weekend. Social butterflying reaches new heights, but avoid excesses in the food and beverage department. SCORPIO— October 23- November 21 Down- to- earth, responsible people enter your social or professional circle. Creative ventures are fun for their own sake but don’t seek a moneymaking angle, however. Your love life is on an upswing. SAGITTARIUS— November 22- December 22 Your role now is an inspirational one - helping friends out of a rut and serving as role- model to youngsters. A chance for making extra cash could open up by the end of the week. CAPRICORN—December 23-January 20 Romance is thriving, but only if disagreements are settled early on. Business ideas are bright, and timing is right for submitting proposals. An older friends benefits from your suggestions. AQUARIUS— January 21- February 19 Now is the time to tie up financial loose ends and collect debts. AVIP wants to promote you - be available. Aloved one is suprisingly outspoken on a delicate subject matter. PISCES— February 20- March 20 Your reactions are not as sharp as you believe, so take added precautions where possible. This weekend finds you an especially busy host. Evenings this week are unusually productive. BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK A bright sense of humour accompanies you. You are admired for your warmth, wit and winsomeness, but your indecisiveness fustrates those who love you most. The emphasis is on romance and sentimentality. For writers, this could be a bonanza year.


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