Napier Courier - 2021-07-21




Taradale Bridge Club results for the week beginning July 12 Mahine Creagh Tournament: Overal winners Kay Glenny/Jan Stansfield North/South: 1st Barry George/ Wayne Burney 2nd Cecily Harrow/ Ngaire Crow 3rd Brian Boxall/Trish Patterson 4th Lynnaire Hampton/ Diana Lees. East/West: 1st Kay Glenny/Jan Stansfield 2nd Mike Williamson/AlisonWilliamson 3rd Carolyn Yeomans/Henny French 4th Jane O’Brien/Julian Herbert. Princess Alexandra Retirement Monday Morning: North/South: 1st Alan Haslett/ Dave Halliday 2nd=Ngaire Billington/Anne Dempsey, Margaret Vaughan/Carol Fraser. East/West: 1st Simone Stranaghan/Mary Burney 2nd Pat Hay/Les Dunnett. Falcon Fire and Safety Monday Night: North/South: 1stMary Dravitzki/Alice Dravitzki 2nd Gus Van der Linden/Annelies Van der Linden. East/West: 1st DebbieGibson/Marianne Wynands 2nd Julie Wright/Fiona Edwards. Michaela Vodanovic, Game Changer Monday Night: North/ South: 1st Jan Henderson/Ash Fitchett 2nd= Sheryn Thomson/ Wayne Burney, AlisonWilliamson/ Diana Lees. East/West: 1st Mike Williamson/Lyn Bowcock 2nd Alison Hucker/Viv Pinkham. Pak’nSave Tuesday Afternoon: North/South: 1st Russell Turner/ Lynnaire Hampton 2nd Janice Willoughby/Trish Patterson 3rd Annette Hagan/Ruth Spittle 4th= Claire Woodhall/Julie Haslett, Sue Lambourn/Shona Richards. East/ West: 1st NoelWoodhall/Peter Ramsey 2nd Yvonne Whittle/Jenny Peters 3rdWayne Burney/Barry George 4th= Margaret Hall/Raelyn Henderson, Carolyn Yeomans/ Diana Lees. DentMagician Thursday Morning: North/South: 1st Sue Lambourn/ Carol Fraser 2nd Jo Garth Lawrence/Michael Mountcastle 3rd Theresa Bevin/ken Carmichael. East/West: 1stWayne Burney/Viv Pinkham 2nd Raewyn Davidson/ Debbie Gibson 3rd Janice Willoughby/Henny French.


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