Stratford Press - 2021-10-13


Bugging out

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Alyssa Smith

Great Stratford Bug Hunt a delight for local youngsters Tamariki were armed with magnifying glasses and bug suckers to hunt for creepy crawlies. Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust hosted the Great Stratford Bug Hunt in King Edward Park last week, and environmental educator Ash Muralidhar says attendees found a number of bugs. “We hunted for worms, beetles, we¯ta¯, millipedes, cicadas, butterflies, and other creatures. A lot of people think that since King Edward Park is not a complete wild bush that there’s nothing there but that’s not the case. There’s a large variety of creatures hidden and living in the dirt.” Dylan Fleming (7) found a number of bugs. “I really liked using the bug sucker to find the bugs. I had a lot of fun.” Ash says the trust wanted to make the event accessible for everyone. “It’s local for the tamariki which means they didn’t have to travel far.” As well as searching for bugs, Ash says they learnt about ecosystems. “We talked about their habitats, what they do, and how they break down waste. It was a good learning opportunity for them, they explored and also learnt about the creatures they found.” Ash says anyone can explore their backyard and find creepy crawlies. “People don’t need scientific or fancy equipment to go out and explore. The bug suckers were homemade using jars and clear tubes.” Evelyn Hinton, 10, liked looking at the bugs with the magnifying glass. “It took me a while to get the hang of the bug sucker but once I did it was great. I enjoyed using the magnifying glass because I could see everything up close.” Toby John, 6, says finding the creepy crawlies was “a lot of fun”.


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