Taupo & Turangi Weekender - 2021-06-10




■ Thumbs up, I am short of words to say how grateful we are to have found Luigi Zuccati at one of his open homes from where he supported us all the way till we got into the house. Any property that came through was well informed and made available for us to view. He always made sure we never missed any opportunity to get onto the property ladder. He surely is a one stop shop for buying or selling. We highly recommend him for his kindness, honesty and reliability. A big cheers to him and the Tremains team. ■ Thumbs up to Taupo¯ Countdown for supporting local junior netball teams with halftime fruit for the girls. Much appreciated. ■ Thumbs up to Mandy, a lovely stranger who paid for my son’s x-ray after he broke his leg at school. We had left the house in a hurry and while at the reception desk at the x-ray building I got a fright when told there would be a $20 charge as I’d left home in a hurry without my handbag. Mandy was a patient and stepped up to the counter to pay. My son and I were overwhelmed and we hope the same is returned to you. ■ Thumbs up to Ashley Electronics who provided superb service from start to finish. Within 24 hours our microwave was fixed. Your can-do attitude, efficient and obliging service was much appreciated. ■ Thumbs up to Laurilee for her great editorial on drivers and tooting. It would be great if Taupo¯ could be known for the most courteous drivers in New Zealand. ■ Thumbs up to Mandy. A beautiful example of what a volunteer can be — always there, always cheerful and nothing is too much trouble. Over a number of years, Mandy has proven her worth and value in animal care. Life would be wonderful with more Mandys in the world. ■ Thumbs up to the team at the Farmers home centre, very friendly, smiling and always willing to help. Thanks for that. ■ Thumbs up to Debbie, foster mum extraordinaire, to whom Big Red, Little Red and Clear Babe owe their very existence. These three, well adjusted, healthy charges, after being given the very best preparation for natural survival, are now out living life to the fullest and showed their delight at release by anointing madly. ■ Thumbs up to all the staff at the Taupo¯ Medical Centre, but particularly the nurses working in triage. They really do fulfil the four Cs — capable, caring, compassionate and cheerful — and are a credit to their profession and their employer. Thank you. ■ Thumbs up to Damion at Noel Leemings. His service, knowledge, attention to detail and also his calm patience with his older customers is second to none. Thank you. ■ Thumbs down to all those who put their yellow rubbish bags out during the week at the end of Forest Rd. This is a collection point, not a place for holding rubbish. By the end of the week it is a real mess there with animals getting into the bags. Who cleans it up? ■ Do you have a bouquet or a brickbat? Email your thumbs up/ thumbs down to us at, message Taupo¯ Weekender on Facebook or drop them into our office in Waipapa House, Paora Hapi St, Taupo¯ . Thumbs up/thumbs down may be edited or abridged. Personal attacks or thumbs down that refer to easily-identifiable people, businesses or groups won’t be published.


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