Taupo & Turangi Weekender - 2021-10-14


October starts out mild and very damp


With Bevan Choat

The second month of spring in Taupo¯ has so far proved reasonably mild and continued to be very cloudy and damp, similar to September. Rain fell on six consecutive days from Sunday, October 3 making the opening days of October very damp. Until Saturday, October 9, the area had already received half the expected rainfall for the month and looks to be heading above the average expected for October in Taupo¯ which stands at 94.0mm. October is not usually a very wet month and more often than not, wind is a real feature. The wettest October in 2005 produced 211mm on 19 wet days and the driest on record was just 20.0mm over five days in 2015. Frosts start to become less of a threat during October, but then again a sudden very cold snap can never be ruled out as snow has been reported as late as Labour weekend as it did when the Fiji Gujerati cricket team visited Taupo¯ in 1969/70. With nine days gone, the only ground frost so far recorded occurred in the early hours of Sunday, October 3. There has been surprisingly little wind so far this month and night time temperatures generally have been mild.


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