Te Puke Times - 2021-06-10




Do polyanthus work as indoor plants? Not for long. After a week or so they are best moved outside to a welldrained spot in sun or light shade. A side dressing of dried blood when planting is beneficial. Apart from watering in dry spells and taking precautions against slugs and snails, polyanthus don’t need much attention, though deadheading will keep the flowers coming — remove stems close to the base, and pinch out any tatty or yellowing leaves while you are at it. The name polyanthus comes from the Latin, meaning many-flowered. When’s the best time to take tibouchina cuttings Try semi-ripe and hardwood cuttings now, or softwood cuttings in spring. If you do the job now, be sure to plant the cuttings in a warm frost-free spot. Layering is another option that might take a little longer but gives good results. Note that new plants sometimes spring up from seed, while some varieties send up suckers. Aka Brazilian glorybush, princess flower and lasiandra, tibouchinas range in size from dwarf to 5 metres tall. Flowers are usually purple, but pink and white hybrids are available.


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