Whanganui Midweek - 2021-06-09


Auditions soon for talent quest


Paul Brooks

Cntrvibe is a group of young people, focused on young people. Under the umbrella of Te Ora Hou, Cntrvibe (pronounced “centre vibe”) engages youth, endorsing positive values, and having fun. Next month they are holding a talent quest for youth aged 12 to 24 in the Whanganui region. Facilitator Zeana Thomas and her crew of Zion Ponga, Charis Matthews, Unique Butters-Haami and Sarah Rogan have worked hard to make this a special event. “We wanted to do something for the community and the youth, and we thought it would be a fun idea to do a talent quest,” says Zeana. Auditions with a limited audience will be held at Te Ora Hou, 34 Manuka St (St Luke’s church) on Friday, June 18 from 3.30pm. Cntrvibe has a Facebook page and Instagram page where people can make enquiries or register for the audition. Posters and flyers will appear shortly, especially in schools. A website is under construction. The group has managed to obtain some high-profile judges for the main event on July 3 — Tiktok superstar Judah, Miss World New Zealand Jessica Tyson and dance sensation Ardon England. “We just want to have fun, and have a family event to look forward to,” says Zion. With the help of sponsors, there is the added attraction of cash prizes. First place gets $500, second is $300 and third place receives $100, and there are spot prizes. Sharp As Line Haul Limited donated money to the cause and Sound Valley donated tickets and an opportunity for the winner to perform at next year’s Sound Valley wha¯ nau day on March 13. A further prize will go to the best Tiktok dance, as judged by Judah. The winner will join the judges and crew for dinner that night. There will be a door charge of a gold coin on July 3, with all profits going to KidsCan.


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