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Our hospital the best A recent visit to a large hospital in our capital city for a specialist scan reminded me again I should publish my very heartfelt thanks to the wonderful staff at our own local hospital. While I could not fault the professionalism shown during my visit south, it left me in no doubt that caring and sharing are an enormous part of any medical procedure. These were not in evidence during the very lengthy process of my two scans, and I was left confused and bewildered. Totally different to the local visit where every step was explained clearly in advance, and I was reassured every step of the way and told what would be happening next; quite a vital thing when I’d never had a scan until a month ago. Since then I’ve had four in three different hospitals, and believe me, our hospital is the best of all. From my first day surgery through to an overnight stay following a second more Whanganui Midweek welcomes letters from readers. Please note the following: Letters should not exceed 200 words. They should be opinion based on facts or current events. No noms de plume. Letters will be published with names and suburb/city. Include full name, address and contact details for our records only. Rejected letters are not normally acknowledged. Letters may be edited, abridged, or rejected at the Editor’s discretion. The Editor’s decision on publication is final. Email or write to the Editor, Whanganui Midweek, PO Box 433, Whanganui 4541 invasive surgery, I’ve never had cause for complaint about the treatment I’ve received. The staff has been caring, compassionate and thoroughly professional and I’m sure the theatre staff must go home at night totally exhausted. Not that it could be much better for those in the wards; they were on the move the entire day. In my opinion, they deserve double the pay they are currently receiving. Mr Bonnet explained clearly all that would happen during surgery and I’m definitely a member of his fan club; any words of praise are absolutely deserved. The efficient and friendly delivery of the equipment I currently require was a further benefit. Another branch of our health professionals, our amazing district nurses, proved life savers for me. From the very first visit they have eased my journey, and I’m amazed at the depth of their knowledge and their ability. Thank you all, we are very lucky indeed to have such dedicated and exceptional people. Shirley Forward


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