Trends we will see in 2022

Rach and Bex




Home & Garden

Welcome back, we are both refreshed, recharged and rearing to go so strap yourselves in for another year of interior/exterior madness with us as we take you through the year with updates of the industry.This article we are walking you through some of the trends that are going to be at the fore front of interiors this year. Nostalgic floor patterns – (Pic attached) Patterned tiles through kitchens, bathrooms and occasionally exterior paths have grown in popularity through the last couple of years but we’re beginning to see nostalgic floor patterns be introduced into other rooms too. We love a good bold pattern in a space especially when we can team it with beautiful solid colours and natural materials.Think about Herringbone floors using real wood as well as other geometric hard-floor patterns.To best pull of a pattern on a large scale without it overwhelming a room, it is best to stick to a neutral colour palette without individual patterns featured and allow the overall lines to do the talking. Bringing the outside in – (Pic attached) The houseplant trend we saw thrive through 2021 is set to continue through 2022. Bringing authentic greenery into the home has been proven to improve internal air quality, promote endorphins and, well, to make one’s space look great. If you are unsure where to start, then consider these as options. A sweetheart plant is a versatile climber happy in shaded rooms, hole-y monstera plants with their unique cut-out leaves thrive in low-light interiors, fiddle leaf fig trees are hardy and bushy but need lots of sun, and snake plants only need infrequent watering to flourish. Conver ting spaces to multifunction - Instances of this have only increased through the coronavirus crisis as millions of people started to work from home without a dedicated office room.Through 2022, however, we’re likely to see this become a design feature of houses and not just a requirement. If you are building new or renovating, then make sure you consider a multifunction space. Using vertical space and storage and getting creative with fold-down beds, cupboard desks and hidden storage, multifunctional spaces are set to firmly become a feature for all – prioritising space optimisation without the need to invest heavily and move to a larger property. If we are able to help you with any of the above, then please contact us as we cater for a variety of interior needs with our clients. We also offer package deals which we will talk about next month. Have a fabulous January everyone.