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I’ve tried progressive lenses before and they did not work! Millions of people wear progressive lenses and love them. For those that have tried and failed there may be some hope! Why?? Technology Technology has steadily advanced in progressive lens design and new quality progressives are far superior to the older technology you may have tried in the past. The advances have created less side distortion, swim and bigger clear areas for reading. They can even be custom designed to target/optimise reading area, intermediate area or distance area. People that have failed before are now wearing progressives successfully. Type of progressive. ‘Normal’ vs Occupational. ‘Normal’ progressive lenses are best for good distance and normal hand held reading and even laptops down on a desk, but you may struggle with them if you use a desktop computer that is straight ahead; In this instance we recommend an ‘occupational’ progressive. These are designed with the straight ahead position in the middle distance and a small dip of the head allows vision far away. This makes the office environment very easy and you do not have to take them off to walk around or swap to distance glasses or normal progressives during the day. People with good distance vision will only need these to help seeing close tasks. People with poor distance vision will enjoy being able to wear these all day indoors, however usually need to swap back to distance glasses or ‘normal’ progressive when going outside just for driving. Give them a go- why not? So if you’re struggling with your vision in your bifocal lenses it may be time to give new progressive lens designs a try. You may have heard of the bifocal nod where you can’t get something clear through any part of your bifocal? Progressives get rid of the nod as you find things become clear at all distances. Give them a go and if you still don’t like them we’ll replace them with a solution that works for you and refund you the difference.