A bit much of everything

Linda Thompson






The Housemate By Sarah Bailey, Allen & Unwin, $36.99 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. This starts with a murder — three housemates are involved but while one is dead, one is missing. The third is charged with the murder. Melbourne journalist Olive Groves was a junior reporter when the murder happened and worked on the story, becoming a bit obsessed. But nine years later the missing housemate turns up dead, and she's back on the case. She is paired with annoying young photographer Cooper Ng, and the pair begin to unearth more details about the original murder. I didn't find this story very engrossing and it felt overwritten — too long, too many adjectives. And so many characters. By page 40 I had to keep going back to remember everyone. Bailey has written a number of thrillers, so she knows her stuff. Just not my cup of tea. —