Ann Kilduff






What Colour is the Sky? By Laura Shallcrass, Beatnik Publishing, $30 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Hare and Pihoihoi debate what colour the sky is. Hare thinks it is blue, but other creatures see it differently. Hedgehog thinks it is brown, Mouse says green. And Frog? Well he wants to know what the sky is. Beautiful illustrations show us that different animals see things differently, a nice way of explaining that not all of us think the same way. The book comes with notes showing how the characters mentioned see. For example, hedgehogs have poor eyesight and only pick up limited colours, while mice like hares are partially colour blind, seeing mostly in greens and blues. Bumblebee Grumblebee By David Elliot, Gecko Press .. .. .. .. .. .. .. A hard cover board book playing on words for young readers. Lively illustrations turn a Pelican into a Smellican sitting on a potty, and a Bumblebee with a toy into a Grumblebee with a broken toy. A bit of light rhyming fun for before bed. There’s a Moa in the Moonlight By Dawn McMillan, illustrated by Nikki Slade Robinson, Oratia Books, $25.99 .. .. .. New Zealand's extinct animals are brought back to life in this bilingual book. Starting with a moa, a series of animals appear in the back garden. Among them there's a moa eating silverbeet, a laughing owl hooting, and huia in a hibiscus tree. In the end they are drawings on a girl's bedroom wall. The last pages name each extinct species and some facts about them. Sad to see the number of creatures we've lost the ability to spy out the window. —